WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Nord Review

Nord is a multifunctional pod product newly launched by SMOK company. It has many things in common with Novo pod, but also has some unique features of its own. Nord Cigarette uses a 3ml cartridge with oil storage capacity, which contains a variety of coil models for users to choose from, which can meet the different needs of oral and lung users. The small cigarette has a built-in 1100mAh battery with a maximum output power of 15W. Nord cigarettes currently have 13 colors to choose from.

I have used the Novo pod for a few weeks. Both pods have the same snakeskin panel design and rounded rectangular shape. The Nord has an equally sturdy and durable plastic case, but it is slightly thicker. Nord cigarettes have a comfortable grip and are very easy to fit into the user's pocket. The weight of Nord Cigarette is 80g, which is twice the weight of Novo, and its body size is 94*30*18.8mm.

Of course, the Nord cigarette is more powerful than most similar products. Its battery capacity is twice that of similar products. The overall structure of the fuselage is sturdy and it will have a good performance in terms of durability. The USB charging port is located at the bottom of the small cigarette.

Nord Cigarette has an ignition button, so please turn off the Cigarette when not in use, otherwise it may be triggered by mistake in your pocket. I encountered this kind of situation once in the course of using it-when I was asleep, the small cigarette was accidentally triggered in my pocket, and when I woke up, the coil was completely scorched.

The cartridge has an oil storage capacity of 3ml and has a hard plastic shell. At present, there are four coiled cartridges for users to choose from. The set includes a 0.6ohm lung suction mesh core coil and a 1.4ohm mouth suction standard coil. There are also 0.8ohm mouth suction mesh core coils and 1.0ohm ceramic coils that can be purchased separately.

Unlike Novo, Nord's coil can be removed and replaced, so each cartridge can be used for a longer time. The rubber plug on the cartridge can be easily pulled out, easy to place, and not easy to lose.

The oil filling operation of the cartridge is very simple. The user only needs to keep the dropper at a small angle to fill the whole cartridge easily. The cartridge has a large oil filling hole, which can be easily compatible with dropper bottles of different specifications.

Although there is no common "click" sound when installing the cartridge, the fit between the cartridge and the host is excellent. The nozzle of the cartridge is thicker than that of other devices, and it is comfortable enough to contact with the lips.

The 0.6ohm coil in the package can perfectly use 70% VG e-liquid, and the 1.4ohm coil is more recommended to use 50% VG e-liquid. Although the 1.4ohm coil can also use 70% VG e-liquid, the experience is not as comfortable as the lung suction coil. After the test, it can be found that a coil can use at least 10ml-15ml of e-liquid.

The mesh core coil provides users with a relatively loose restrictive lung suction resistance. The suction resistance of the mouth-smoking cartridge is tighter, but it is still much looser than ordinary cigarettes or Juul. Even when using 50mg salt oil, I It also didn't get too much roar, which may have something to do with the airflow design of the device. But despite this, when I use a 1.0ohm coil, the concentration of salt oil will not exceed 35mg.

When using the mouth suction coil, the smoke volume of the device is still impressive. Users can easily obtain a larger smoke volume than conventional devices, and the smoke volume of the 0.6ohm coil is even more impressive (but still cannot be compared with the finished oil storage atomizer On par). When the two coils are in use, they can still guarantee an excellent taste experience until they are filled with oil for 4-5 times. Because the cartridge has sufficient air intake, its taste expressiveness is also better.

The only dry burn I experienced was because I forgot to check the remaining oil in the cartridge when I went out. Because the window of the cartridge was small, it would be difficult for the user to easily observe the remaining oil in the cartridge if the cartridge was not removed. The amount of oil. According to my test, there has not been any oil leakage in the cartridge, but there will be some condensate at the bottom of the cartridge. This is a normal phenomenon. Overall, the experience of using Nord cartridges is excellent enough.

The user can click the ignition button five times to turn on the device. When the device is turned on, double-click the ignition button to check the remaining power of the host. The Nord cigarette uses a three-color LED indicator to indicate the remaining power — green represents the remaining power of 70 %-100%, yellow represents 30%-70% of power remaining, and red represents less than 30% of power.

The Nord Cigarette has a built-in 1100mAh large-capacity battery, which can easily meet the user's needs for a whole day of use when it is fully charged. If you use it very frequently, Nord Cigarette can also last until night. At the same time, the small cigarette has a Pass-Thru redemption function, and players can use the device while charging.

The relatively loose resistance of Nord Cigarette may not be loved by users who are looking for the ultimate oral smoking experience, but when using 35mg concentration of salt oil, it can still play a very good role in relieving cravings. If you like the drag experience of restrictive lung suction, the 0.6ohm mesh core coil will meet your expectations, and you can also use a lower concentration of salt oil.

If you are a novice user, Nord Cigarette will be a good choice; if you are an old user and want a Cigarette device close to the use experience of a finished atomizer, then Nord will still be suitable for you.

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