WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Infinix Vape Review

Infinix has a built-in 250mAh battery with auto-ignition function. It contains a 2ml capacity refillable cartridge, and a 15ml syringe oil bottle is included in the package. Looking at Infinix, you are likely to mistake it for Phix, especially the gun color model is more confusing. But there are some differences between them-although Phix fans need to spend more time to find these differences.

Many players have the same question about Infinix: Isn't this a Phix that can be refilled with e-liquid? I hope Infinix can do this, but it does not. Even SMOK company really wants to do this, but to be honest, Infinix is still different from Phix in terms of experience. Of course, this does not mean that Infinix has shortcomings.

Infinix has excellent workmanship quality without obvious defects. Infinix uses a zinc alloy shell and a frosted process. The body design is inspired by diamonds. Generally speaking, such devices will have a lighter weight, and Infinix is no exception — the body weight is only 22g, and the surface of the body has a very good touch. But I also hope that there can be some textures on the fuselage to make the player more firm when holding it. However, no matter how to create the appearance of the fuselage (such as making the chamfer of the fuselage more rounded), Infinix will still look like Phix. If you don't like this type of design, then you may not like Infinix.

The appearance of the cartridge is consistent with the appearance of the fuselage, and it is gradually tapered at the mouthpiece, which may be to allow players to better distinguish the beginning and the end of the device. Unfortunately, Pods and the device are not fully connected in place, but at least they are tightly attached.

Players can easily observe the remaining oil in the cartridge. Both the front and back of the cartridge have an observation hole in the shape of glasses. The filling of the cartridge is also very easy. Players can use a syringe bottle for oil filling. If a glass dropper is used, oil leakage may occur. The oil filling hole of the cartridge is located under the cartridge, and the rubber plug is fixed on the cartridge, so players do not need to worry about losing the rubber plug.

Infinix can provide players with a good, warm mouth-breathing experience, the taste expressiveness is slightly higher than the average, and the roar feeling is located in the middle level. Infinix's inhalation experience is relatively easy, and it can be ignited without strong inhalation during use. The inhalation experience is most similar to MyBlu, but Infinix has a faster ignition and stop reaction.

We used e-liquid with a ratio of VG/PG from 50/50 to 70/30 for testing. There was no noise during smoking, and after refilling with e-liquid several times, the pod still did not burn. . An ordinary cotton wick is used inside the cartridge. So far, the oil guiding experience of the cotton wick is very good — every time I completely use up the cigarette oil in the cartridge, I will refill it. However, occasionally I would inhale some smoke oil from the mouthpiece. Although it was only a little oil leaking, it caused some problems with the battery.

The battery life of Infinix is in line with the battery capacity of 250mAh. Although the battery life is not long, the device can be quickly charged through the USB port at the bottom of the device-it only takes 25 minutes to charge from dry to full. And players can also use Infinix while charging, but you have to make sure that the bottom of the cartridge is dry.

Except that the appearance is very similar to Phix, I think Infinix's performance is good enough. Compared with Phix, which cannot be refilled, I might prefer to use Infinix. However, the battery has a problem due to oil leakage from the cartridge, and I cannot recommend it to you. As a device that supports repeated filling of e-liquid, the device must be able to withstand the test of e-liquid leaking from the bottom of the cartridge. I like the experience of using Infinix very much, so if SMOK can solve this problem, I will still recommend players to use this Infinix. And if you plan to buy Infinix, please keep the bottom of the cartridge in a dry state.

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