WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Voopoo Drag 2 Review

Voopoo Drag 2 includes a Drag 2 device and a Uforce T2 finished oil storage atomizer. Once the first-generation Drag device equipped with the GENE chip was launched, it relied on its accurate and fast output experience to set off a round of buying craze in the market, and its cost-effective pricing strategy is also one of the reasons for Drag's success. Even so, the original Drag device still has some minor shortcomings. For example, when the 24mm atomizer is equipped, the edge of the atomizer will slightly protrude from the main unit, and the black version is prone to paint peeling or scratches.

Drag 2 is still a dual 18650 battery device with a maximum output power of 177W. Although the frame color of the host is uniformly black, Voopoo still prepares a variety of color panel options for users. Compared with the original version, the white part of the word Drag on the device has been reduced to make it look more stable. And then, the edge of the Drag 2 device also uses a rounded transition design, which improves the comfort when holding it.

The weight of the device is 157g, which is about 50g heavier than the previous Drag. The paint process of the equipment has been significantly improved, and the scratches that were easy to appear on the previous generation products seem to have been resolved on this generation of products. The battery compartment of the device adopts a magnetic adsorption design, and the magnet has an excellent attraction force, but there will still be some loosening of the cover, but it is not serious.

The performance of the screen is satisfactory—clear and easy to read, but the contrast between black and white is weak. The ignition button of the device will give players a clear sense of clicking, which is an improvement over the previous generation. Users can rest assured to use an atomizer with a diameter of no more than 25mm on Drag 2. The edge of the atomizer will not protrude from the host, but the 510 interface platform of the device will be slightly higher than the host, and there will be a gap between the atomizer and the device after installation .

The FIT mode is also added to Drag 2, with three presets-FIT1 (Battery), FIT2 (Flavor), FIT3 (Cloud), but after experiencing it for a while, I found that the only use of Fit mode is that it can be atomized. The output power is automatically set by the resistance of the device, the first gear is low power, the second gear is medium power, and the third gear is high power. Voopoo recommends that users use the FIT mode on the Uforce T2 atomizer, but after testing, I did not find any unexpected surprises for players. At the same time, Voopoo does not recommend users to use a rebuildable atomizer to experience the FIT mode — I used a 0.7 ohm resistor rebuildable mouth suction atomizer to experiment and found that the user’s actual output power was much higher than I expected , So the FIT model has no practical meaning to me.

I think the biggest regret of Drag 2 is that there will be some gaps between the atomizer and the device, and there will be some looseness in the battery compartment. If you don't mind these, and don't plan to use the temperature control mode for high power output in daily use, then Drag 2 may bring you a surprise performance. On the whole, Drag 2 has reasonable pricing and accurate output chips, and has solved some of the problems that existed in previous generation products. Although Drag 2 is less groundbreaking, it can complete the task better, but what surprises me most is the three-mesh coil on the T2 atomizer. I believe it will leave a very deep impression on user.

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