WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VAPORESSO, an internationally renowned e-cigarette brand, this brand has launched many popular vaping devices abroad.
Our review this time comes from VAPORESSO, which is a product called "ZERO". "ZERO", "0" and "zero" are both the starting point and the end point. Vape was born from quitting and replacing cigarettes, and I think the final point will also be quitting and replacing cigarettes.

The ZERO cigarette is 80mm long, 30mm wide, 14mm thick, weighs 51g, and has a built-in 650mAh lithium battery with a charging current of 1A. The whole body is pebble-shaped and very round. The main body of the device is coated with skin-like paint, and there is a mirror metal decoration on both sides of the fuselage. The main body of the device and the cartridge adopt the classic panda color, which is generous and decent, and the overall appearance is very high. The device is very comfortable to hold in your hand.

The top of the fuselage is a cigarette bomb, and the bottom is a USB charging port. The black dot at the bottom of the fuselage is the power switch for the host. Press 5 times to turn on/off. The switch also has red, blue, and green lights inside, and the battery is full Displays green light when it is in time, blue light when it is moderate, and red light when it is insufficient.
The ZERO small cigarette has a built-in omni mini chip. The chip not only provides the intelligent temperature control function of rapid heating, but also provides an appropriate voltage regulation function. The voltage regulation range is 9W-12.5W. It can be pressed three times continuously in the power-on state. Switch the output power; after pressing the switch three times, the output power is 12.5W when the green light is flashing, the output power is 10.5W when the blue light is flashing, and the output power is 9W when the red light is flashing, and the default output power is 12.5W when there is no operation after booting. 

The cartridge of ZERO Pod is a ceramic core open cartridge with a volume of 2ml, and the cartridge resistance is 1Ω. The ceramic core not only improves the service life of the atomizer core, but also meets the atomization needs of high nicotine. The open type can meet the e-liquid usage habits of different people.

The ceramic core of ZERO small smoke can fully restore the taste of smoke oil, especially when tobacco oil with high nicotine content (especially nicotine salt) is used, the smoke is full, soft, and the taste is clear. The 2ml fuel tank capacity plus the 650mAh power is enough to meet the frequency of use of ordinary consumers with one fuel tank a day and a charge every two days. In terms of resistance and sensitivity control, the zero smoke is still very good, and there are no small smoke There is a situation where the air is sucked and blocked, and a mouth and a half of air is drawn. We did not find an obvious air inlet on the surface of the equipment, which means that the air inlet is through the joint between the cartridge and the host. This air inlet method can achieve such excellent suction resistance, which is enough to show the manufacturer’s intentions. And the uniqueness of controlling mold tolerances.

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