WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Geekvape Alpha Review

Geekvape has been keeping up with the trend. Recently, they once again brought the latest mesh atomizer device to players-Alpha. The launch of Alpha is designed to allow players to use Geekvape's latest dual-power console. The atomizer is made of resin and stainless steel, with a diameter of 25mm and an oil storage capacity of 4ml.

Alpha has a lockable top oiling system and a new Meshmellow atomizing core that uses Egyptian organic cotton. The bottom dual air intake design allows the atomizer to maintain a low temperature even under high power operation. I have recently used many mesh atomizers such as SKRR, Mesh Pro and Fat Baby Mesh. I am curious whether there is any difference between Alpha and them.

The atomizer has an exquisite and simple design, and the bubble chamber and resin materials make the visual appearance of the atomizer very good. It has a coordinated effect with the Nova device we reviewed recently.

Alpha's top oil injection design is similar to the top oil injection design of the atomizer recently launched by SMOK. When the player presses the "OPEN" button, the top cover will open, exposing the oil injection hole made of rubber. Due to the position of the oil filling hole, it is relatively easy to fill the oil with a dropper, but it is more difficult to fill the oil with a larger plastic oil bottle.

Alpha is also equipped with a spare bubble chamber, and the rest of the atomizer is made of resin-coated stainless steel. The overall quality of the workmanship of the atomizer is excellent, of course, this is not surprising.

Finally, and most importantly, it uses a large-diameter drip nozzle and continues the previous resin color scheme.

Alpha uses a new atomizing core design, Geekvape calls them Meshmellow. They all use Egyptian organic cotton instead of Japanese organic cotton. The single coil is designed for high power, while the double coil is suitable for medium power. The top opening of the two atomizing cores is smaller than that of the conventional mesh core, which may give it a stronger advantage in flavor expression.

The resistance value of the MM X1 single-shot atomizer core is 0.2 ohm, which is suitable for power output of 60-110W; the resistance value of the MM X2 dual-shot atomizer core is 0.4 ohm, which is suitable for the power output of 50-80W.

Last week, I conducted a test on the MMX1 with a power of about 75W. During the test, there was no dry burning, oil leakage, or condensation into the mouth. X1 has a high fuel consumption, but for a 0.2 ohm atomizer core, the use of high power will inevitably bring fast fuel consumption.

X2 is more suitable for medium power use. The resistance of the atomizer is 0.4 ohms. Although it is a dual-coil design, it consumes less power. Considering the 4ml oil storage capacity of the atomizer, X2 seems to be more suitable for Alpha. The O-shaped rubber ring on the atomizing core has a tendency to fall off, so be careful when installing.

At first, the feeling of Alpha was unsatisfactory. The air inlet ring of the atomizer has been locked, and at first I tasted a smell similar to plastic, which may come from the resin drip tip or the bottom of the atomizer. However, after turning on the atomizer and checking, both of these problems automatically returned to normal.

Since then, everything has gone smoothly. I got an excellent experience from the two atomizer cores. X2 produces a moderate amount of smoke at lower power, while X1 gives players a very direct taste experience. I am not sure if this feeling is influenced by the design of Egyptian organic cotton or the atomizer.

Overall, Alpha's performance has left a deep impression on me, especially when the X1 is used at 80W or higher power. The atomization core can be kept in good condition within a week. In order to test the life of the atomization core, I deliberately used a sweeter cream e-liquid to test. So far, it has successfully passed the test. I think the service life of these atomizing cores is 2-3 weeks, depending on how often you use them.

Because I add e-liquid at least four to five times a day, the top oil injection design of the atomizer at this time looks very instant noodles. The structure of the atomizer is easy to disassemble and clean, and uses a durable O-ring. The comfortable taste and dense smoke I get from Geekvape Alpha is enough to make me ignore the minor problems encountered on the atomizer.

Players can adjust the air intake by rotating the air intake adjustment ring at the bottom. The atomizer has a smooth and quiet experience when inhaling, but when the air intake is reduced, the sound produced by the atomizer will be slightly louder-although it is not as loud as Fat Baby Mesh, it is still not quiet . And Alpha's air intake design does have an impact on the heat dissipation performance of the atomizer at high power.

No matter how much power is used, the smoke does not seem to be too hot. In general, Alpha brings a very smooth lung breathing experience for players, which can work well under any air intake. I actually prefer the air intake adjustment design with gears, but it seems that this design has not actually become the mainstream.

We have a winner. Geekvape is very serious and responsible for their work. You can know through the product that they have thought about the product a lot. This Alpha proves that they know where their previous shortcomings are and work hard to improve it. They adopted some of the advantages of the best atomizer equipment, such as resin appearance, mesh core and lockable top oil injection design.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this Alpha. Although I encountered some problems in the initial use, I still recommend Alpha to players who are looking for mesh core or resin atomizer equipment. Its taste performance is very direct, with a huge amount of smoke, especially when the X1 coil is used under high power output. If you are using a single-power host, X2 will be a good choice.

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